C2 Development in C#

This training course is aimed at offensive practitioners interested in developing and maintaining their own command and control framework.

Students will begin by creating a RESTful API-driven Team Server, written in ASP.NET Core. They will then write an implant which targets the .NET Framework and implement a variety of post-exploitation capabilities including basic filesystem enumeration, shell and run commands, in-memory .NET execution, token manipulation, and more. Finally, students will write unit and API tests to automate testing and prevent regression bugs.

Students are provided access to approximately 6 hours of pre-recorded step-by-step video tutorials, as well as a full copy of the final Visual Studio solution.

Certificate of


There is no exam to accompany this course, but students will receive our open badge upon course completion.


This course is heavily focused on the actual development side and provides little background information into what C2 is, and what the various post-exploitation commands are for. Students therefore require a good working knowledge of penetration testing, operating within a Windows domain, how to use Visual Studio, and a familiarity with the C# language.


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